USA Archery needed a complete revamp of their Instructor and Coach certification programs, optimized for the digital age. I got the amazing opportunity to be the designer and developer to create and implement four publications for print: Explore Archery and the Levels 1, 2 and 3 of their Instructor and Coach Certification Series, including branding, page design, video production, web and app design and development.

Explore Archery was the first program I worked on with the national governing body – a beginner’s guide to the sport. I helped by creating the program brand, designs, illustrations and lay out for their 180+ page book packed with games for beginner archers.

Work: Branding, Design, Layout



USA Archery’s Instructor Certification series includes over 400 pages and 150 hours of content for future instructors and coaches. To add value and create an environment ready for the digital age, my team and I created a website and mobile app to use in conjunction with the curricula.

Work: Branding, Design, Layout, Motion Graphics, Publishing, Editing, Web Design & Development, App Design